020 35012000/2001 ISB&M School of Media & Communication

Vision, Mission, Philosophy, PEO

Our Vision, Mission, Operating Philosophy, PEO

Our Vision

To create a world-class educational environment that allows students to fully develop their professional abilities and that fosters a strong sense of responsibility and ethics.

Our Mission

  • To develop dynamic professionals who lead in a changing global business environment.
  • To further develop a quality network with renowned educationists and professionals in the corporate and social arena.
  • To continuously innovate academic systems and processes to meet the demands of changing business environment and meaning of talent.

Operating Philosophy

  • To operate with a spirit of responsibility, integrity, professionalism and partnership.
  • To Think with speed, flexibility and open mind.
  • To use a comprehensive understanding of global education to set our own standards.
  • TO Continually seek out and follow industry 's best practices.

Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1: Well-rounded professionals in leadership roles
  • PEO 2: Career progression
  • PEO 3: Wealth creation and change in quality of life.
  • PEO 4: Entrepreneurship generating business opportunities and employment
  • PEO 5: Women Empowerment: to develop career and achievement orientation among our female students.