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Student Buzz

Break free culture and life style at ISB&M promotes an environment of openness. Learning to explore own approach to life and professional fulfillment and to overcome self-limiting attitude. It is learning all the way.


The OP is designed to welcome the new batch of student at ISB&M & Seek to enrich perspective towards education & life at a high profile Business School. It spans over a week with an outbound programme. A carefully crafted Programme which blends demanding professional commitment, information. It aims to build students perspective towards industry & a professional career. It helps provide opportunity to interact with accomplished leaders from high profile industry.


ISB&M celebrates its anniversary every year with Force, Zest and Attitude which symbolizes FORZA .The event is held on the 23rd & 24th of July by the students, faculty and alumni across all the three campuses of the Institute. The theme for FORZA 2022 was "Compete and Discover your Potential” and was conducted virtually due to the global pandemic. The intense competition prevailing in all the events brings out the best in the students and shows the never say die attitude which is the dictum of the institute.


In today’s corporate scenario, HR plays an integral role in the successful working of an organization. Keeping the same in mind, every academic year is marked by the organization of the annual HR Meet known as “HR SHARE”. This conference is a premier event designed for high-potential HR professionals who are into leadership roles. This event provides practical, best-in-class approaches and perspectives from senior HR leaders and executive from eminent industries. The event has been graced by the presence of many eminent speakers from diverse fields in the past. The audience is mostly composed of HR executives working at different levels from different organizations. It is the 23rd national level HR conference and the core topic for the discussion was "Good Life: The New HR Agenda " In Bangalore on 15th & 16th September 2023. It has several sub-themes too. The conference is designed around themes and topics which are aligned to the various complexities that surround business.


RANGTAARI'22 was organised by Lifestyle Development Cell of ISB&M- A festival of feast and fun.What goes around, comes around is not always Karma, sometimes it’s GARBA !!! On the ISB&M grounds, everyone was dressed traditionally as we danced and celebrated Navratri with our colleagues and faculties to the sounds of dhol, DJ and folk music. Everyone grooved on the steps of Garba jumping around with joy. The evening concluded with all smiles and memories along with realisation of our theme Dandiya, Dil khol ke!


ISB&M Champion Sports Cell-SPORTIES every year organized an event AAGHAAZ with the tagline “Come, compete, Conquer” to encourage students towards sports and fitness.
It’s a three-day event which includes 10 different sports. Day one started with football followed by chess, badminton, carrom. The games showed strategy, strength & coordination among teams.
As sports play an important role in our lives, it build’s our personality and teaches us to live life in a better way. The event as a whole was full of team building, enhancing leadership skills and enthusiasm, we saw great excitement and a spirit to win among the students which is really appreciated.


A series of 8 games Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table tennis, Chess & Carom are played by the students of different colleges. Colleges from all over the city come here every year to battle it out for the top honors. For a few days, the lush green sprawling campus of ISB&M Nande witnesses a lot of on-the-ground actions and intense competition as the city's best battle it out for supremacy. With temperature literally running high, it is one of those must-see displays of grit and sportsmanship where sportsmanship of the highest order is witnessed.


The annual cultural extravaganza of ISB&M is one of the most awaited inter-college fests. This three-day national level soiree of events. CRESCENDO is the perfect platform for young budding artists to showcase their talent. The event is attended by throngs of students from prominent colleges and B-schools across the nation. The theme for CRESCENDO '23 was "Dream-Dare- Deliver" where participants performed in events like Paint-ball, Aqua-dance, Fashion show, Roadies, Junkyard Wars, Jam, Singing, Rock show, LAN gaming, Mime act and many more with enthusiasm and vigor.


A convocation ceremony holds a very important place in every student's heart. It is that day in the academic life of the students when all the hard work, dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm pay off. It is a proud day for a lot of parents because their not-so-little kids get their hard earned education degrees. The chief guest Mr. Mahesh Kanchan (CEO- Del Monte), Guest-of-Honor Mr. Mohit Khattar (CEO- Graviss Foods Pvt Ltd – Baskin Robbins), Keynote Speaker, Mr. Vaibhav Shah (MD- Accenture) awarded the students for their performance. The placements of the students showed the rapid growth of the institute over the last few years which now have a strong alumni base.


ISB&M hosted the highly popular annual supply chain conference on 22nd January 2023. The theme for the year was Adapting to digital Disruption in Supply Chain Management: Today’s great challenge. It highlights contemporary SCM topics such as distribution management in the digital age, advanced analytics in the digital supply chain, application of emerging technologies in SCM and sales & operations planning in the digital age. Chain Act Conference is a forum for strategic decision makers and Supply Chain & Operations Management professionals to network and evaluate best practices being deployed in industries. Managing supply chain is one of the challenging tasks for enterprises to sustain and enhance their competitive edge through effective value creation. Every decision on supply chain influences the bottom line, customer service level, cost, risks, and relationships. It is imperative for the organizations to update their supply chain approaches as compared to the best benchmarked practices in industry.


Media Pulse is an annual media seminar organized by the Media students of ISB&M. In this event academic-Industry partnership is encourage with the students exploring the new change in the media business world which is ever changing. Media Pulse 2023 was held on 24th January, 2023. This conference was based upon the theme of New Media & Business Analytics. New Media is the trend in the new socio-political economy. Taking this into account, the conference intends to disintegrate different facets of the world of mass media.

The Financial Roulette

The game of uncertainty Financial Roulette is a platform where we connect the three powerful concepts of Revelation, Enlightenment & Embracement of predictive/ risk management within economic and financial cosmos. The conference will bring together leading experts from academic disciplines and professionals for a one day's conference including keynote plenary sessions and a panel discussion. The conference welcomes all relevant theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions. The Theme for this year was Financial Analytics: the real opportunity in the North. Key topics which were discussed in the conference were AI, Robotic Process Automation, Big Data Analytics, IoT and Neutral Networks.

Alumni Meet

It is correctly said that the success of any college can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our national life. The Alumni represent the best fruits of ISB&M education. They have made valuable contribution to their fields of endeavor and served their communities with their volunteer efforts. The whole ISB&M family wishes them great success in future and this bond lasts forever.


On the occasion of Janmashtami, the Inter-Campus Dahi Handi competition is organized by the Life Style Development Cell of ISB&M to inculcate the passion for achieving a goal in the competitive world that we are to enter in the coming years. This activity also aims to make the students understand the importance of teamwork, collaboration, focus, and also helps them to build a network with the entire campus of ISB&M. So come forward and show your enthusiasm to break the Handi! Let’s see which team is the Govinda of ISB&M!


Lifestyle Development Cell of International School of Business and Media organised an event 'Ude Re Gulal' on the occasion of Holi. The event included everything from DJ to Thandai. The students and faculties of ISB&M made the event a huge success with all the dance moves on the beat. Overall, on Holi, even being far from home, everyone found their second home in this celebration.


A two-day inter- college culture fest is organized in Bangalore where more than 20 colleges from across the city showcase their talent.