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Student Councils

Student’s council plays a key role in process management. Highly active in development activities & energetic life @ ISB&M.

Student Councils

The Student Council of International School of business and media is the propagating medium of its central philosophy. ISB&M identifies itself as a student-centric Institute that enables and empowers its students to lead and execute by themselves.

The Student Council is a body that serves as the medium through which the students inculcate the ability and grasp the opportunity to develop their skillset. It overlooks all the student - centric activities that happen in the campus and is a bridge that connects each cell and club together and also with the college management. The student council helps share ideas, interests, and concerns with the Faculty and Staff of the institute, primarily focusing on overall Student development and better Student-Teacher Bond.

The President and the Vice President facilitate better understanding and partnership between The Students, staff and the faculty. The purpose of the Student Council is to represent fellow batch mates and Juniors on academic and extracurricular activities.

The Student Council works with the prime objective of empowering the students to grow and discover their capabilities beyond the academic sphere. It helps promote leadership, team work and discipline amongst the students and makes them the catalyst of all positive development in the two years they spend at ISB&M.


President and Vice President of the student's council are responsible for driving all initiatives (various cells, cultural and student development activities). A well-structured selection process, grooming and mentoring from a senior faculty helps these students to imbibe managerial skills by experiential learning methods.


This division is responsible for handling complete placement procedure and works as an interface between the institute and the corporate world. It aims at providing summers and the final placement by engaging companies which offers great careers & learning.


The Corporate Relations Cell works towards professional engagement and enhancement of public relations for the Institution. The Cell is entrusted with the task of liaison with top companies of various industries and identifies itself with the responsibility of building new relations and working on inconsistent ones. Conceptualization and implementation of guest lectures is one of the key responsibilities of the Cell.


Alumni Cell of International School of Business & Media creates and maintains a life-long connection between the Institute and its alumni, who number more than 7,000. In collaboration with an extremely dedicated volunteer board of directors, the Alumni Cell works to connect alumni, support students and build an unforgettable Institute experience through a diversity of events, programming and services.


Lifestyle Development Cell (LSDC) of ISB&M provides platform to celebrate student talents, individuality and a chance to come out of comfort zone which helps in making life within the campus more fun and interesting. It builds confidence which eventually helps them to prepare for a better future. It enables the students to take up responsibilities, execute them through exceptional capabilities and leadership skills. It grooms the students into professionals with stylish edge. It ensures that the students have a balance between the studies, work and environment at the same time. This has been proved by the LSDC by organising virtual get togethers wherein they brought students as well as faculties on one platform during this pandemic environment. It also executes new ideas to usher in western culture and influence in this institution and broaden its horizon.


DIGI-EYe - The Digital Moments Cell, also known as the "Third Eye" of ISB&M, is a team of visual minds who are passionate about seizing moments with a click, and filling them up with memories that last forever. The team captures every moment, and renders technical support to all the events that take place in the campus. The team uses their hearts and minds as true lenses of the shutter, and reveals how rich reality truly is! “The team is like a SAVE button for the mind’s eye, and we call it - DIGI-EYe.”


The Digital Marketing Cell works for the branding and communication of ISB&M. The vision of the cell is to promote ISB&M globally. The cell is responsible to increase the visibility and engagement of ISB&M, especially on the digital platforms. In order to promote cultural diversity along with individual enlightenment, the cell uses different tools like – social media marketing, blogging, advertising, etc.


Medios is a team of Creative Therapists. It is an official Creative and Media Team of ISB&M which is indulged in designing, editing, promoting and communication. The cell designs backdrops, brochures, posters and promotional posts for all the events happening in the college. It also makes videos like teaser, trailer after videos as well as documentaries and short films. Moreover, the content that is used in the short films, videos and all the creatives is also drafted by Medios. We also write scripts and screenplays. The cell promotes all the activities and events that take place in the institute including Forza and Crescendo. In addition to this, the cell is engaged in corporate communication, wherein it takes interviews of all the Alumni and Corporate guests that visit the institute, knowing their experiences of the visit. The cell provides a creative edge to everything that it handles and strives to make every element to be one of its kind.


Corporate social responsibility cell (CSR) of international school of business & media is responsible for Design marketing strategy to build and sustain in a competitive advantage We connect, engage and support Innovating and development of society by generating skills Leads to the creation of better brand image of ISB&M. Contribute skills and product, not just money to bestow our bits and add value to the lives in the form of skill development and awareness. Mental Sharpness, Public Speaking, Personal Correspondence through CSR, Conference with Organizations To develop and initiate collaborations with big brands in the community development, areas of health, education and environment Impacting the society in a positive way with a team which strictly follows TEAM work. Empowering and motivating people to learn and earn.


The main focus of E-Cell is it encourage students to work as an enterprise from their college duration. It also helps them to develop business sense inside them, empower their creative ideas & make them confident to compete business environment. It not only pushes them to the forefront of the work but also help raise the quality of skill. Our mission is to help the aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses by creating a pathway of various opportunities like interactive sessions with professionals & business competitions, generating reports to pitch investors etc.


Grey Cell the Intellectuals Hub believes in the ideology of Benjamin Franklin who once said, "An investment in knowledge always pay the best interest". Our sole objective is to stimulate the Neurons of our students. We strongly resonate with Benjamin Franklin's thoughts which our cell's working and activities also reflect. We conduct Aptitude tests, Quizzes, and Competitions to empower and inculcate competitive spirit in students. We work to help them articulate their thoughts better and spearhead change by engaging their brains grey matter with relevant professional pursuits. Keeping these things in mind our cell acts as a facilitator to help students updated with the current happenings.


Champion Sports Club of ISB&M is responsible for organizing events with an aim to prepare the students for their management career through the medium of sports. We inculcate values like Leadership, Teamwork, Network-Building, Pressure Handling, Self-confidence and yes, a healthy lifestyle. The idea behind it is to give our students an opportunity and exposure to identify, learn, develop and employ these managerial skills.


Clubs give students the chance to apply classroom learning to the outside world. This helps students to gain invaluable leadership as well as life skills. We represent TOFI-the finance club which helps you to build formal and informal networks while exploring career opportunities. TOFI -The Finance Club is a student-run initiative fortunate to be guided by the eminent Prof. Subramaniam and Prof. Mahesh Rengutwar. It works towards boosting interest in Finance for the students, through competitions, webinars, workshops and professional opportunities. The team consists of talented students, who work on creating awareness on different domains within Finance. We act as a platform for interactive learning for up-gradation of the financial literacy in relevance to the change and development in financial world.


The HR club aims on further enhancing the knowledge, skills and capabilities of HR students with a mission to accelerate and stay ahead in the dynamic universe of Human Resources. The HR Club strives to add value and create a learning outcome for students through various initiatives and activities.


Marketing Club of ISB&M is all about people who are constantly brainstorming, ideating, creating & having fun. We keep students busy and updated with the recent trends in the world of marketing & ensure that everyone is well acquainted with the latest happenings & marketing related issues. The club ensures that the students are industry ready and are proactively engaged in all the activities such as Quizzes, Case study competitions, Guest talks, Seminars/Webinars & Marketing Campaign for keeping the students abreast with the current trends and industry knowledge. Here, students nurture their talent that will give them an edge across various functions of marketing such as online sales, offline sales, branding, communication & digital technologies to provide them competitive edge over others.


Fitness club of ISB&M is the club that focuses on the physical and mental aspect of the students. This club houses exercise, Personality development programs, yoga, Zumba, self-defence and all other activities that makes students ready for corporate challenging schedule, working hours. While running for good marks and good job we ignore fitness. In fitness club we give same importance to fitness as academics and make time where students work on themselves. Fitness club helps students feel good about themselves which boosts their confidence and gives the motivation to lead a healthy life.


SCOPE stands for supply chain operations & process efficiency. This club is a knowledge sharing and a learning platform through various fun activities. Its mission is to provide knowledge &skills, to drive superior business through understanding application of supply chain concepts. We invite speakers who have experience in supply chain to share knowledge with us and brainstorming in various case study completions help the students to develop their problem-solving skills. It also gives a chance to learn team engagement, interpersonal skills and helps a student to know their strengths and weaknesses. We contribute over the path of a student in being a future supply chain leader. We work with a belief that "The real battle is not between companies, it’s between their supply chain"


M.A.D focuses on highlighting the importance of Analytics for the students. The objective is to encourage and make every individual to enlighten the ease of business with data tools and techniques. At present in this business world, only one slogan keeps running in corporate minds, No data, No development. The main motive is to increase the ability of visualization of MBA students and help them to make better use of business statistics and different analytic tools.