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About ISB&M and Its Excellence


School of Media & Communication

At ISB&M School of Media & communication, we encourage an environment of learning where creativity and imagination along with domain knowledge creates and effective base to stimulate structured thinking for a successful career. We believe in the process of re-shaping the attitude of our students to be placed on jobs in which they fit best.

Industry today look for competitive, effective and innovative professionals for meeting this, ISB&M curriculum lays emphasis on knowledge creation and best practices which instill a sense of responsibility and self-motivation that organizations appreciate. A milieu of stiff competition creates enormous need for strong team leadership through professional competence, and ISB&M strives to cultivate a learning culture amongst our students for effective performance and advancement in their careers.

At ISB&M, we believe that to manage the emerging future, the trust should be on operational efficiency and constant monitoring of the learning process of our students. We strives to change the way you see, live and work boosting your confidence, building self-motivation and reinventing yourself for the future.

At ISB&M , the students learn to work under very demanding schedule , and we obliged to perform in the most rigorous and holistic way. We lay great importance to knowledge management built upon the very best of ideas and concept. For this , your journey starts right here at ISB&M school of media & communication. You have to only dare to dream and we will provide the right inputs to help your dream come true.

Features of ISB&M Media Course

The programme has been designed with a unique blend of Modules that prepare you to enter today’s demanding worlds. The broad base of ISB&M Media course foster critical thinking and working exposure with the real world skill for performance and success in career.

The Media programme focues on career in:

  • Communication
  • Advertising and Media
  • Public Relation

The programme offers a practical base of know –how to students interested in development their management and general business skill by focusing on specific professional area needed for career development. Students will be taught to adopt strategies for marketing communication processes in the field and develop creative solution. It will help to inculcate leadership qualities and expertise in the field.

Students will gain an understanding of personal grooming, written and oral communication besides acquiring knowledge of fundamentals of advertising ,PR and media strategies upon completion of the programme. Participants will proceed for job in their field of their specialization.

Objective of the Course

  • To transform the personality and skills of our students to cater to the industry needs
  • To Support the students with a job oriented course
  • To build creativity and understanding on the subject and their application in the real world.
  • To inculcate and promote basic human and social values among students.

Why Join ISB&M School of Communication

  • A specially –designed course to cater to the high demand of communication advertising and PR in the “NEW” Indian economy.
  • High growth rate of these sector has increased demand of professionals in these area.
  • We take care to help candidate prepare themselves to the need in the programme.
  • High placement opportunity in these areas make the progamme more attractive and challenging.
  • Strong emphasis on personality development besides functional inputs is a highlight of the course.
  • ISB&M is backed up with rich experience of imparting practical and knowledge based tranining in these areas.
  • The return –on-investment (ROI) in joining the programme is very impressive

Course Pedagogy

Classroom Training: Focus will be on participative lectures, analysis, role –play , Home assignments and Quizzes.

Course Content: Study Material will be supplemented by in –house literature.

Guest Lecture: Regular talks and presentations by eminent corporate managers, consultants and academicians.

Workshops: Special workshops on personality development, soft skills and practical training in respective areas.

Mentoring and Counselling: Each student will be assigned to a faculty who would be his/ her mentor and counselor and will have continuous interaction with students. They would help students to clarify their doubts and concerns, guide them to develop their strengths and support career planning to attain their goals.