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Industry Interface

ISB&M- Industry Interface

ISB&M is a student driven institution. The institute has several events that are totally managed by students themselves. This gives them a rich experience in planning, budgeting, and managing events such as culture fests and seminars/conferences, which help them in facilitating greater industry interface for the benefit of students to achieve their career goals.

SIGMA, the Annual Media Seminar, organized by the media students is an important event that addresses the needs of the media industry. The seminar is the platform for prominent personalities from the Marketing, Advertising and Media world to interact with students at the forum. The event also attracts top level delegates from the industry. The topics for seminars are chosen carefully with an eye to develop the knowledge and expertise of students and thus help them in their career. The seminar at the same time gives the students a hands-on-experience of event management and interacting with industry managers and leaders.

ISB&M thus pride itself at being in the forefront of emerging industry scenarios. Having eminent corporates share their ideas and experiences is imperative in an attempt to keep abreast of changing industry trends and requirements.

ISB&M also holds an annual corporate lecture series for which leaders are invited from the corporate fraternity to participate and share their thoughts and ideas with students. The lectures and workshops not only enlighten the students with the complexities of the business world but also help them in enhancing their overall personality and get them ready for their career.