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Media Course

Core Programme PGDM

The PGDM program is about Media and Communication which includes TV production, Advertising and PR, Social Media etc. The program is highly project based and students have to do several projects to build their portfolio.

PGDM (AICTE Approved) is a flagship programme of ISB&M, high in demand by top recruiters. The programme is designed to meet expectations of top recruiting Media Companies and develop career for media industry.

Our PGDM programme is 6 trimester programme with a winter internship and 8 week summer internship.

Our programme is driven by following objectives :

Develop knowledge and acquire fundamental media specific skills in Content Production, Branding & Communication.

Develop Media talent and seek complete value system & attitude transformation.

Be able to succeed in Campus Placement, professional life & career in India and Worldwide.

Decide your own career plan with a specialization mix.

Our PGDM is a dual specialization programme

The program is designed to maximize students learning. Program includes :

A. Core Courses ( 20 courses )

Core courses are mandatory for all students, designed to learn the complete business process and develop business orientation.

  • - Marketing Orientation thinking, decision making, planning & execution skills.
  • - Most core courses are scheduled in 1st year (1st to 3rd trimester) of the programme. Some are scheduled in 2nd year (4th- 6th trimester).
  • - These include fundamentals of media ,marketing, finance, data analytics, Media research.
  • - learn core Media Skills- Photography, & Technology video production Brand Communication.
  • - Develop core skills for careers in Media and digital marketing industry, Business.
  • - Basket Approach to specialization you choose a mix of courses and specialization to develop your career.
  • - Develop contemporary new media career perspective.

B. Elective Courses (Required 20)

The PGDM in media & communication offers a course structure that aligns with the best industry practice happening globally. Put parallelly with the base course the elective course offers diversified learning opportunities and practical approach in all media functional areas, such as digital branding, social media marketing, advertising and public relations, media analytics, influencer marketing to name a few. Elective courses are designed to prepare a student for their choice of career in new media industry A student is required to complete 20 elective courses

Follow basket approach to make elective choices that prepare a student for their preferred career in the New age Media Industry.

C. Internship

During the Programme, Students will complete Two Internship - Winter (4 - 6 Weeks) and Summer (8 - 10 Weeks). Winter Internship Scheduled in 2nd trimester and Summer Internship is Scheduled by the end of 3rd trimester. Both Internship Placement done by Placement Cell.

D. Dissertation & Project

Dissertation is an in - depth research on any emerging theme of business interest and/or from the diverse disciplines of media research, film theory or communication management such as film production, Brand, PR campaign management. The dissertation is a full report written after completion of research conducted by a student or mentee under the guidance of an assigned subject expert mentor faculty.

Teaching Methodology

A Course Methodology driven by projects

Case Study

Experimental learning

Ideation & Creative Content development

Assignments & Group Projects

Evaluation System

ISB&M follows continuous evaluations and feedback process. There are multiple evaluations.

  • Quizzes, Assignments
  • Live Projects
  • Case Analysis
  • Comprehensive Viva
  • End Term Exam


Students complete 60-90 hours' workshops designed to develop basic Media & Business Skills, Personal Development and company industry specific to help students perform better in campus recruitment programme. Student with Special needs also go through counselling session.


Base courses,

Trimester - 1 Full Credit Courses

  • 1. Introduction to Mass Communication
  • 2. Introduction to Visual Communication
  • 3. Audio/Video Concept and Creation
  • 4. Writing for Media
  • 5. Fundamentals of New Age Media
  • 6. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • 7. Marketing Management and Brand Communication
  • 8. Quantitative Techniques

Trimester 2: Internship and project based courses


The objective is to develop familiarity with industry, approach to work, processes and workplace experiences.

Project Based Courses:

To learn a set of technology and practice based courses with high focus on project work.

  • 1. Photography
  • 2. Graphics
  • 3. Video Production and Editing
  • 4. AI and Technology in Media

Trimester 3:

  • 1. Advertising Management
  • 2. Media Planning and Buying
  • 3. Media Research and Report-writing
  • 4. Social Media & Content Management
  • 5. Consumer Behaviour
  • 6. Introduction to Business and Media Analytics
  • 7. Media Sales and CRM
  • 8. Financial Management

Second Year Specialised Courses :

A basket approach to specialisation, select a set of courses to design your specialised career.
TV & OTT Production & Broadcast
  • 1. Scriptwriting for New Media
  • 2. Production Techniques
  • 3. Audio Production
  • 4. Editing and After-effects
  • 5. Project Management
Advertising and Media Planning
  • 1. Media Planning
  • 2. Account Planning
  • 3. Client Servicing
  • 4. Campaigns and Events
Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  • 1. Crisis Communication
  • 2. Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 3. Corporate Image-Building
  • 4. PR Campaign Planning
Social Media Marketing and Management
  • 1. Social Media Scope and Variety
  • 2. Social Media Optimization
  • 3. Social Media Content Creation
  • 4. Social Media Campaigns
Digital Marketing
  • 1. Brand and Product Management
  • 2. Brand Personality and Image
  • 3. Co Branding & Re Branding
  • 4. Brand Positioning & Communication
  • 5. SEO & SEM
Influencer Skill & Marketing
  • 1. Reputation and Image-Building
  • 2. Public Self-Presentation Skills
  • 3. Communication and Articulation Skills
  • 4. Presentation and Public Speaking
  • 5. General Awareness and Specialised Knowledge
Media Technology & Analytics
  • 1. Media Research & Data Analysis
  • 2. Content Marketing
  • 3. Predictive Analysis
  • 4. Analytics Softwares
Technology: Celebrity and Luxury Branding
  • 1. Luxury & Lifestyle Management
  • 2. Pitching and Storyboarding
  • 3. Sports, Lifestyle and Travel Branding
  • 4. AI and Production
  • 5. Celebrity Management
Core course: Compulsory for all specialisations
  • 1. Media Ethics
  • 2. Entrepreneurship