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Core Programme

Core Programme PGDM

PGDM (AICTE Approved) is a flagship programme of ISB&M, high in demand by top recruiters. The programme is designed to meet expectations of top recruiting companies and Develop career in media industry.

Our PGDM programme is 6 trimester programme With a winter internship and 8 week summer internship.

Our programme is driven by following objectives :

Develop Knowledge, learn basic Media in

Content Production, Branding & Communication.

Intellectual Development aimed at thinking

Problem solving & decision making skill Learning.

Develop Media talent and seek complete value system & attitude transformation.

Be able to succeed in Campus Placement, Professional Life & Career in India and Worldwide.

Decision your own career plan with specialization mix.

Our PGDM is a dual specialization programme

The program is designed to maximize students learning. Program includes :

A. Core Courses ( 20 courses )

Core courses are mandatory for all students, designed to learn the complete business process and develop business orientation.

  • - Marketing Orientation thinking, decision making, planning & execution skills.
  • - Most core courses are scheduled in 1st year (1st to 3rd trimester) of the programme. Some are scheduled in 2nd year (4th- 6th trimester).
  • - These include fundamentals of media ,marketing, finance, data analytics, Media research.
  • - learn core Media Skills- Photography, & Technology video production Brand Communication.
  • - Develop core skills for careers in Media and digital marketing industry, Business.
  • - Basket Approach to specialization you choose a mix of courses and specialization to develop your career.
  • - Develop contemporary new media career perspective.

B. Elective Courses (Required 20)

Elective courses are designed to prepare a student for their choice of career in new media industry A student is required to complete 20 elective courses

Follow basket approach make elective choice that prepare a student for their preferred career in New age Media Industry.

C. Internship

During the Programme, Students will complete Two Internship - Winter (4 - 6 Weeks) and Summer (8 - 10 Weeks). Winter Internship Scheduled in 2nd trimester and Summer Internship is Scheduled by the end of 3rd trimester. Both Internship Placement done by Placement Cell.

D. Dissertation & Project

Dissertation is an in - depth research in any theme of business interest or a film production a brand, PR campign management by a student under guidance of an assigned faculty.

Teaching Methodology

A Course Methodology driven by projects

Case Study

Experimental learning

Ideation & Creative Content development

Assignments & Group Projects

Evaluation System

ISB&M follows continuous evaluations and feedback process. There are multiple evaluations.

  • Quizzes, Assignments
  • Live Projects
  • Case Analysis
  • Comprehensive Viva
  • End Term Exam


Students complete 60-90 hours' workshops designed to develop basic Media & Business Skills, Personal Development and company industry specific to help students perform better in campus recruitment programme. Student with Special needs also go through counselling session.