Feedback From Our Guest and Students

Ravindra Sinha

PH.D .Scholar Symbiosis international, MMS,MPM,MMM

I was enriched by thr knowledge imparted by the destinguished speakers. It will really help me in my journey as a scholar. I would like to attend any future programs organised by isbm. Suggest to conduct program on qualitative research

Lepakshi Kaul

School of Behavioural Forensics National Forensic Services University Gandhinagar Gujarat, PH.D .Scholar

To be honest intially I was little a skeptical about attending the programme as I thought it would be domain specific. But now after attending this rigrous 6 days fdp. I can proudly say this was truly an insightful training programme. Some of the sessions such up by prof.ramadhar singh ,prof.chandra shekhar,prof. mahadevan were commendeable i would extend my heartfelt gratitude to founder president prof. pramod kumar for organizing this programme. special thanks to prof. arun joshi & prof. sudipt kumar for giving constant guidance & support throughout the programme. i would definitely recommend other fellow scholars & faculties to attend the program. looking forward for more similar training.

Chiara D'Souza

SIU, Pursuing phd

The programme gave me a good sessions of concepts from my course work. I learnt about smart pls and got an idea of wher it can be used. I hope we get all the ppt of the sessions as they would help to revise the learning of all offline sessions would have been great. but none of the less the sessions online ( other than few tech glitches) went very well. few breaks need to be incoporated in the programme to insure that scholars get more timeto manage the lag /sleepiness due to travel that would also insure people & participants to mingle rest all was amazing thank you great job an organizing .

Sweety Parveen


As a research the programme was insightful to me. However, I was not able grasp all the concept but got familiar to many concepts which I think is an add on yo my knowledge. Expecting more such faculty development programme on research in future.

Sandeep Banjare


Inspired but expected a detail sessions on data analysis.

Deepika Singh

Programme was good

Shilpra Arora


Feel great good insight. Gained & added lots of gems to my existing knowledge.

Sawami Khosva

yomunuv, PH.D Student


Abha M Lyas


Motivated to research. Good understanding of fundamentals of the research 'PROCESS'

Shashank Kathpal


Have gained new perspective best fdp so far

Dr. Shubham

Associated prof. ISB&M, PH.D


Prof. Suyog Chachad


Excellent workshop

Bhagyashri Patil

Assitant prof.AIBM, Bavdhan,pune, MBA FINANCE,PH.D (MANAGEMENT)

Got overwhelmed by consuming this much knowledgwe . Got the oppurtunity to connect with peoplefrom different backgrounds , having different set of knowledge. Kudos to the efforts of pramod kumar sir sudipt sir, arun sir technical staff & all the students who worked for the workshop

Ajaya M.R

M.TECH in Constuction Technology & Management

I wish I could have attended an fdp like this at the early stage of my ph.d walls i.e during 1st & 2nd year. I wish to attend fdp programs of such nature in future too.

Dr. Bhagyashri Patil

Arihant institute of business management bavdhan, Assitant prof.

I don’t know from where to start but the 6 days of fdp on research at isb&m is so amazing. Getting to learn new perspectives about research like why,where & how of resaerch? The eminent personalities we are getting from the pioneered institues like IIM,S, IITS & many more . special thanks to the president of ISB&M respected pramod kumar sir programme leader respected Dr. arun joshi sir . for organizing such instrumental & enability fdp on research.

Lepakshi Kaul

School of behavioural forenics techniq& research assitant national foreign sciences university, gandhinagar, PH.D Scholar

The session were well organized & were structured I the possible way. The program gave me a great oppurtunity to intract with some of the eminent & distinguished speakers in the field of research. After attending fine regions days of training. I can surely say that my most basic douts pertaining to what is research or how to write a reseach paper have been cleared extensively the progamme. I would definetly attend again if i get the opportunity.

Tanushree Agarwal

Assitant prof. RIIM, PUNE

FDP at ISB&M has been an enrishing experience , especilly for me as I am new to this field of research. This programmehelped to remove my facts related to writing a research paper, method to analysis data, types of source of data & publishing issues in eminent journals. the simplicity of teaching is highlight of the FDP. expirenced & eminent proferrors from IITS ,IIMS & foriegn university made it an excellent experience. special thanks to the president of ISB&M Dr.Pramod Kumar for organising & Dr. arun joshi sir for exculting it to the fortunate to attend the FDP

Sushant Selokar

Branch Manager HTL Logistics art. Ltd pune

The experienced of the FDP was really a hand full experience for me. As I have joined the PHD program from balaji university pune. This ywae itself and wanted to have a true & strong basics foundation for the PHD ahead and give a real time useful knowledge & learning to society ahead. the FDP program has really provided the strong plat form to me personally as the eminent speakers were really helpfull & knowledge to support us to understand basics from the very first step to the research. thanking you for the oppourtunity to be a part of this FDP. it was really amazing & fantastic thats would . i would say please join the next FDp it was and will be really helpful & good.

Janushree Agarwal

Assitant prof. RIIM pune, MA ECONOMICS( PH.D persuing)

I felt my horizon of thinking about research has expanded beyond my imagination. I felt, I was sitting in a school whwere I learnt everything that I need to know before . I start my research journey & more sessions, that I learnt the mostt special thanks to president ,Pramod Kumar for organising this & arun joshi for excerting FDP.1Parama barai : she respect us to understand complex econometrics concepts so simply that they will always be on the tip of my tongue.i was scared to learn python 'R' HER SESSION HELPED ME TO REMOVE THAT MINDVLOCK as she gave us an hands on excercise on python. 2 ramadhar singh : he is man of exceptional talents of many making the class intersting keeping it crisp & gave us perspective from his lifelong experience with contemprary methods.simple language that he used made learning effective & efficient . he told the most important 'DONT'S of Research. 3 arun joshi & sudipt kumar: they described every step of research in detail.especially how to make questionaire & hands on SMART PLS. it will benefit me immesly to my phd journey

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