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Dr Shraddha Kulkarni


Functional Area- OB & HRM

Official e-mail ID shraddha.k@isbm.ac.in

Dr. Shraddha Kulkarni –is a Doctorate in Management. She is currently working as Management Professor at ISB&M. She has served on senior role in Education and Training Industry for a decade and a half. She holds positions such as State President for WICCI Life Skills Council Maharashtra, World Peace Ambassador @UPF-Europe and also is a Supermodel of International repute. She has been working with several NGOs for many years. Shraddha is India's first Expressive Image Expert and is an Associate Certified Coach in the area of personal transformation. Shraddha has written 27 research papers in management in reputed journals including Scopus and have chaired many conferences around the world. She teaches subjects in the area of OB and HR. Shraddha has a belief that "women are the real alchemists of the society". She is a Winner of Mrs. India 2018 (West), Face of Swarovski 2020, and Hall of Fame-Supermom 2021 and author of a bestseller.


PhD in Leadership Behaviour


Associate Certified Coach

Certified Image Consultant

ICF Certified Coach to Transformation & Powerful Image


14+ Years of experience in training, consulting and teaching on senior levels in education industry and corporate. Shraddha has taught students from foreign universities and reputed universities across India.

She has served corporate clients in Manufacturing, Banking, NBFC and Fashion industry.


Shraddha helped companies find the drives, motives and strengths of employees by conducting various psychometric assessments. She conducted comprehensive assessments for Jabil India, Natura Foods and Cybage India.

Shraddha undertook consultancy with EU Small Finance Bank & RTC Goyal Group and aligned all HR Processes which included Goal Congruence, Defining KRA & aligning JDs, Aligning PMS with KRA along with preparing HR Manual.

Shraddha conducted trainings on Managerial Communication, Soft Skills, Team Building etc. with Banking and NBFC Sector, to name companies such as Axis Bank, Bank of India, DHFL and Religare Housing Finance.

Shraddha helped companies identifying training needs using various tools and designed Training Evaluation Tools for companies such as Finolex, Universal Construction, RTC Goyal and Dynalog.

Shraddha conducted image management, dress for success, personal effectiveness and self -branding training for educational institutes and firms including, Glitz, Times Globus and for beauty contests.


1. "A Soulful Journey with Baba – 12 Heartfelt Life Lessons from Daddy's Little Princess" (Sole Author)

2. "Power of Connection" (Co-author)

3. "Girls, Empower Yourself – Get Your Wings to Sour" (Contributing Author)

Research Papers:

1. "Leadership Development in Indian Organization: An Exploratory Study" by Apeejay School of Management, New Delhi, Contemporary Management Research in May 2010 (ISBN 97881-906991-0-5)

2. "A Review of "Organizational Culture and Leadership for Excellence" by International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Emerald Publication in October 2010 (ISSN 1934-8835)

3. Knowledge Management in Education Sector: Issues and Challenges National Journal of "Review of Knowledge Management" in June 2011 (ISSN 2231-5845)

4. "Leadership Development for Excellence: A Review" by International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management, Haryana in March 2012 (ISSN 0976-2183)

5. "Mergers & Acquisitions: it's Impact on Human Resource Management" by The International Journal of Management and Computing Sciences (IJMCS) in June 2012 (ISSN 2231-3303)

6. "Employees' Perspectives on Employee/Internal Branding as a Part of Employer Branding" by INTENSITY: International Journal of Applied Social Science Research in February 2013 (ISSN 2319-8516)

7. "Essential Leadership Traits for Mangers Employed in (Indian) Banking Sector by 'Symphony' 2013 ZIMCA's Management Journal in March 2013 (ISSN 2277 – 4661)

8. "Human Resource Management (HRM): Changing Countenance in Contemporary Era by ISBS, National Conference on "Sustainable Strategies in Dynamic Business Environment" in March 2013 (ISBN978-81-8407-695-0)

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10. "The Need of Proactive Leadership and HR Environment in Public Sector Banks (India)" by Proceedings of 3rd Indian Academy of Management Conference in December 2013 ISBN 978 81-920800-2-4)

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12. "Awareness of Managerial Effectiveness Amongst Managers and Subordinates: An Indian Perspective" by International Journal of Business and Management Invention in October 2014 (ISSN (Online): 2319 – 8028, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 801X; Impact Factor: 1.482)

13. "A Review on 'Intrinsic Motivation': A Key to Sustainable & Effective Leadership" by SIBR Conference, Bangkok Proceedings in August 2015 (ISSN: 223-5078)

14. "A Case Study on "Narayana Murthy Joins Back Infosys-Masterstroke 84-92 or Strategic Gaffe" (2011-13)" by International Journal of Management & Behavioral Sciences (IJMBS) in July 2015 (ISSN 2278-5671, (online) Vol. 6 & 7)

15. "An Empirical Study of Factors Responsible for Motivating Bank Employees at Lower Level: An Indian Perspective" BEST: International Journal of Management, Information Technology and Engineering in October 2015 (ISSN (Print): 2348-0513; ISSN (Online): 2454-471X; Impact Factor (JCC): 0.9458; Index Copernicus: 3.0)

16. "Competency Mapping: An Essential Tool for HR Managers in Banking Industry to Become Strategic partner (Indian Perspective)" by International Journal of Human Resource Management and Research in August 2016 (ISSN (Online): 2249-7986; Impact Factor (JCC): 5.4528; NAAS Rating: 3.25; IBI Factor: 3.2; IC value (Index Copernicus): 6.1)

17. "Inclusion of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices as a Part of Curriculum @ Indira School of Business Studies, India and its Impact over the Awareness & Sense of Responsibility of Students towards Community" by International Journal of Business and General Management (IJBGM) April 2017 (ISSN (P): 2319-2267; ISSN(E): 2319-2275 Vol. 6, Issue 3, Apr - May 2017; 1-18 © IASET Impact Factor (JCC): 4.1263; NAAS Rating: 3.51; ICV: 50.29; Google Indexed; Copernicus Indexed.)

18. "The Relationship Between Supportive Leadership and Employee Satisfaction" by World Research Library and Proceedings of International Conference on Economics and Business Management (ICEBM) in October 2017 (ISBN 978-93-86831-84-2)

19. "The Relationship Between Supportive Leadership and Employee Satisfaction: An Indian Perspective" by International Journal of Research in Business Management (IMPACT: IJRBM) in February 2018 (IMPACT: IJRBM; ISSN(P): 2347-4572, E-ISSN: 2321-886X, Impact Factor: 2.9867, NAAS Rating: 3.09, ICV 2015: 59.44 Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2)

20. "A CASE STUDY ON RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP IN THEEDUCATION SECTOR: THE WAY FORWARD". International journal of Research science and Management (IJRSM) in March 2018 (ISSN: 2349- 5197; Impact Factor: 3.765)

21. "A Case on Team Building" by International Journal of Multifaceted & Multilingual Studies in May 2018 (Volume-V, Issue-V (Print)- 2394-207X, (Online)- 2350-0476, Impact Factor: 4.205)

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25. Perceived Leadership Traits of Employees Based on Physical Attributes and Social Desirability: An Indian Perspective by International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) in December 2019 (Volume-9 Issue-2, December 2019, ISSN 2249-8958 (online) Scopus listed)

26. "Case Study on "A Peer into Dinshaw's Evolution as a Brand from inception to Millennial Era" by TEST Engineering & Management June 2020 (ISSN0193-4120-Page No. 17495-17501 - Scopus Listed)




Learning & Development

Talent Management

Competency Mapping


Emotional Intelligence

HR Consulting


Top Voice on LinkedIn 2022

Bharat Achiever Award 2022 by Gems of India

Author of the Year 2021 and Inspiring Author 2022 by LitFest, Sahityakosh and Tagore Award.

State Level Woman Excellence Award 2021 by Human Resource Development & Public Service Academy

Entrepreneurship Excellence Award 2021 by Global Innovative Entrepreneurship & Start-up Conclave

"Selfless Contribution Award" (Commendation Award) by National Life Skills Council, WICCI.

"Bharat Gaurav Puraskar 2021" (Award for Excellence) by KTK Foundation.

Inspirational Woman 2021 Award by Global Women Inspiration Awards & Conclave held in Jaipur on 8th March 2021 organized by I Can Foundation

Jury Choice Winner of Hall of Fame: Super Mom 2021 Contest organized by Mini & More (A Venture by Sushmita Sen)

Awarded as Youth Icon 2021 by EU Small Finance Bank

Super Woman Award 2020 (Motivational Speaker) by FSIA

Best Trainer Award at Acharya Vinoba Bhave Sikshak Sanman 2020 organized by PSquare International

'Best Teacher 2018' Award by India Today and Worldwide Achievers at World Education Summit & Awards

'Best Presentation' Award by IIM, Ahmadabad 2013

Crowned as Mrs.-India 2018 (West) and Face of Swarovski 2020