What do we Professors teach in B-schools?

If you pay close attention to shaping your career as much as earning a degree then perhaps opting a B-school was a good decision that you just made. So the popular question I face is..what do you teach in a B-School? Well I will tell you that, we share experiences with you in order to fetch you a job.

The priority of B-school is not to harness theoretical concepts but to train you in two years the four foremost things, leadership, self-volunteerism, social-networking and that right attitude is everything.

The courses we teach you emerge out of industry knowledge, years of lived and learned experiences from our own ups and downs in the various sectors we were immersed in and trust me, not textbooks, they are outdated.

The five takeaways for you being taught by B-school professors are:

1. We are awake to prepare along with you, especially before your placement interviews

2. We are as much excited about the projects you volunteer to take and offcourse in listening to your summer internship stories

3. We are committed till you become a professional from a student

4. We celebrate on your day of placement

5. We keep the cycle of learning going as you return to the new generations of learners as an alumni, as the industry expert.

Written by
Dr. Rajeswari Saha
Media practitioner and Professor
ISB&M, Nande

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