PGDM in Finance Subjects, Syllabus, Career Options & Job Prospects


Finance, in the most fundamental context, is the handling of large sums of assets, and financial management is the coordination and supervision of a company's financial operations. The below are the primary goals of financial management

What are the subjects of PGDM Finance?

Finance PGDM students usually start their studies in the same manner as other MBA students do, with core courses in a variety of business disciplines. The structure of subjects typically is as follows To know more about PGDM in finance click here

Trimester Courses Compulsory/Elective
I Financial Management Core
II Management Accounting Core
III Financial Statement Analysis Core
Financial Markets & Services, Strategic Perspectives in Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Risk Analytics Elective
IV Modern Investment & Portfolio Management, Financial Risk Analytics, Project Finance, International Finance, Wealth Management Elective
V Management Control System, Investment Banking, Treasury Management, Derivatives Elective
VI Fixed Income Securities, Corporate taxation. FinTech Applications Elective

Besides the above-mentioned financial subjects, Students take classes in project management, managerial accounting, human resources management, operations management, microeconomics, macroeconomics, corporate strategy, supply chain management, etc. during their first year.

What are financial skills?

Throughout their schooling, experience, and day-to-day roles, finance managers develop a wide range of skills. Several of the below qualities are possessed by successful finance managers. To know more about the skills needed for a finance career, click here.

Problem-solving Proficiency in mathematics
leadership Organizational knowledge
Analytical skills Technological skills
Communication Attention to detail
Identity traits Independent working capacity

PGDM in Finance Career Options & Job Prospects

Finance is an area with a plethora of opportunities. This is because capital is something that no organisation can exist without. Organizations of all types, regardless of sector or domain, are constantly on the lookout for skilled and experienced finance experts.

Some of the examples of roles you can work in after PGDM in Finance are:

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Is it hard to get a job in finance?

A decent career in Finance is difficult to come by. The financial sector necessitates extensive math skills as well as a high degree of patience and focus.

It is hard to get a good job in finance. The Finance sector requires in-depth knowledge in math and a high level of patience and concentration

It's crucial to consider your current skills and the ones needed for a finance career (the ones mentioned above).

How much of these do you have in your possession? Are you going to put in the effort to understand the ones you don't already know?

Consider occasions in your career where you've required and used these qualities successfully to ace your career in finance.

Eventually, if your skills match the employer’s expectation, it will no longer be difficult to get a job in finance.

What are the highest paying jobs in finance?

Finance work can be extremely lucrative for anyone with good quantitative and analytical abilities. Finance is a diverse industry that encompasses anything from banking and investing to financial technology. Some of the highest paying financial jobs are:

Investment Banker You are responsible for overseeing the investment portfolio of an investing entity as an investment banker. Avg Salary in India: INR 24 lakhs per annum
Financial Advisor Financial advisors help their customers set short- and long-term financial targets and suggest the best products and resources to help them reach them.Avg Salary In India: INR 6.5 lakhs per annum
Chief Financial Officer The Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, is in charge of a company's capital structure and cash flow, as well as future growth strategy. Avg Salary in India: INR 17 lakhs per annum
Financial Analyst Financial analysts monitor a company's budgets by analysing statistics and assisting in financial accounting decisions.Avg Salay in India: INR 6 lakhs per annum
Compliance Officer This work is a top-notch position in regulatory oversight and policy administration, as the title implies. Avg Salary in India: INR 17 lakhs per annum

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A PGDM in finance is a good investment in terms of both time and skills. To be competitive, you must have a sincere interest in financial, accounting, and investment-related matters, as well as the willingness to engage in acquiring the requisite skills. Following that, you should be confident that you can have a great future in finance in one of the many wonderful companies worldwide. To know more and apply in PGDM in Finance click here

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