What is PGDM?

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a popular industry-driven professional course after graduation. It's a 2-year long full-time program spread over six trimesters. There are various specializations that you can opt for in PGDM. Some of them are Marketing, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management and Operations, Business Analytics, Marketing, etc. If you have what it takes to succeed in business management, a PGDM degree will help you find a better job. In addition, you would have the right set of experience, talents, personality, and mentality for a promising career if you completed your PGDM at a high-quality institution.

Who Should do a PGDM?

This course is for passionate and ethical people who are true to themselves and want to try their hand in the Management industry. PGDM is open for every type of graduate. You can be an Arts student or a technology student, or probably a person who has been working in a firm for the past ten years; it doesn't matter; you can still apply for PGDM. PGDM also gives students and professionals dissatisfied with their work a perfect chance to change their careers into those they are interested in.

Hence, for this reason, it is one of the most demanded courses in India right now!

When to do a PGDM?

A question that always exists in the students' minds when applying for a PGDM is "What is the right to a PGDM?"

Generally, it is said that one should have some work experience before going for a PGDM. Most b-schools in India also have work experience as a qualifying criterion for admission into their b-school.

Prior work experience helps students to get the most out of their PGDM program. They have a stronger understanding of the ideas learned in class and give a slight edge in placements.

However, there's no reason to be concerned if you're a Fresher PGDM applicant. You still have a fair chance of being accepted into one of the good colleges in India.

Is PGDM worth it in India?

The best thing about a PGDM degree is that it will get you a lot of money, particularly if you get it from a reputable business school. Some PGDM graduates will earn annual packages well above Rs 20 lakh even at the entry-level. People in most occupations do not have access to a paycheck like this.

But Is this the complete Reality?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management is not only one of the most common courses in India, but it is also one of the most expensive.

The actual course fee for a PGDM program at a reputable college varies depending on the MBA specialty and other course specifics.

The overall fees for a PGDM course, on average, range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 25 lakhs. This is a huge number for many students in India. But if a college promises you good placements after PGDM apart from the career growth and multiple learning opportunities, then it is a deal to die for!

But there is always the other side!

There are nearly 3200 B-Schools in India. A country with such a huge number of colleges cannot have high-paying jobs for every PGDM graduate. As a result, some graduates find it difficult to find a job after PGDM, while some work at very low pay.

Many low-quality colleges lack the necessary equipment, instructional programs, and faculty to offer high-quality instruction. As a result, they are unable to lure companies to their universities. As a result, even after paying such a large sum for their PGDM, students remain jobless.

So, what is Learning?

A PGDM course will surely assist you in giving your career a path and provide you with everything else you need to succeed in your chosen profession. But, apart from all the other things that you must ensure, there is one important thing: that the school is well-known and offers a comprehensive program and instruction.

How to make the most out of the PGDM course?

Even if you are in a good college, it is still not an easy ride. There is a lot of efforts that you need to put in to achieve your dreams. Here are six things that you can do to make your PGDM worth:

1. Broaden Your Skill Sets:

In today's world, modern companies look for candidates with multiple expertise and knowledge about almost everything. Hence it would help if you actively tried to learn new things at your PGDM college and continuously broaden your horizons.

2. Know your Interests:

It is extremely important to be self-aware and know what your interests are. Many people take up PGDM under peer pressure or other forces and then find it difficult to cope with the syllabus. Hence you should know what you want.

3. Choose the specialization best for you:

Specialization should be chosen with extreme care and thought to define what your life after MBA would be. Hence it is important to choose a specialization that caters to your interest.

4. Develop Network:

Please take advantage of any chance in your B-school to meet new people from various industries and form useful ties with them. This is what will propel you to the top management role you want today.

Participate actively in extracurricular activities:

You can effectively address your stage fear by engaging in co-curricular activities. In addition, participating in co-curricular activities allows you to meet new people with common interests, expanding your network.

Participate in case study competitions:

Each competition you enter will bring your abilities to the test. The research and application of the knowledge you will put in those competitions will be important for your learning any time you compete.


When it comes to pursuing a career in business administration, a PGDM degree is unquestionably advantageous. However, you can ensure that you have finished the PGDM program at a reputable institution. To apply for PGDM program, visit ISB&M Bangalore - Best PGDM College in Bangalore

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