Our BBA CA courses

Bachelor of Business Administration Computer Application
(Affliated to Savitribai Pune University)

Intake- 80 Seats

Course Structure- 48 Lectures/ Paper/ Examination


  • To create a sound academic base from which an advanced career in computer applications can be developed.
  • Conceptual grounding in computer usage as well as its practical business application will be provided.
  • Also aims at giving maximum exposure to various areas of computer applications including latest developments keeping in pace with the industry. Helps you build your career in computer field.
  • To provide the students with a base of strong domain knowledge for professional application of programming skills.
  • To transform the personality and talent with effective communication and soft skills.

Scheme of Examination

The BBA-CA Examination will be 3600 marks divided into 3 parts as per details given below :

  • BBA( CA) Part I (Semester I, II) Aggregate marks 1200
  • BBA( CA) Part II (Semester III, IV) Aggregate marks 1200
  • BBA( CA)Part III (Semester V, VI) Aggregate marks 1200

Syllabus & Course Structure of Bachelor of Business Administration( Computer Application) -

Semester I

Code Subjects
101 Modern Operating Environment & MS Office
102 Financial Accounting
103 Programming Principles & Algorithms
104 Business Communications
105 Principles of Management
106 Laboratory Course-I ( Based on Paper no. 101 & 102)

Semester II

Code Subjects
201 Procedure Oriented Programming using C
202 Data Base Management System
203 Organizational Behavior
204 Computer Applications in Statistics
205 E-commerce Concepts
206 Laboratory Course- II ( Based on Paper no. 201 & 202)

Semester III

Code Subjects
301 Relational Database Management Systems
302 Data Structure using C
303 Operating System Concepts
304 Business Mathematics
305 Software Engineering
306 Laboratory Course-III ( Based on Paper no. 301 and 302)

Semester IV

Code Subjects
401 OOP using C++
402 Programming in Visual Basic
403 Computer Networking
404 Enterprise Resource Planning
405 Human Resource Management
406 Laboratory Course- IV( Based on paper no. 401 & 402)

Semester V

Code Subjects
501 Java Programming
502 Web Technologies
503 Dot Net Programming
504 Object Oriented Software Engg.
505 Software Project- I( Based on C++/ VB Technology)
506 Laboratory Course- V ( Based on Paper No. 501 & 502)

Semester VI

Code Subjects
601 Advanced Web Technologies
602 Advanced Java
603 Recent Trends in IT
604 Software Testing
605 Software Project - II ( Java / Dot Net Technology)
606 Laboratory Course- VI ( Based on Paper no. 601 & 601)

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