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ISB&M Offers

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Programme
These programmes are recognized by the
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi
2 Year Dual Specialization Programme

ISB&M Programme is a blend of courses and workshops which helps the students to maintain and build their business capabilities and competencies as a self-driven and competitive talent. ISB&M offers PGDM program which are approved by AICTE.

ISB&M Offers

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Programme
These programmes are recognized by the
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi
2 Year Dual Specialization Progarmme

ISB&M Program is a blend of courses and workshops which helps the students to maintain and build their business capabilities and competencies as a self-driven and competitive talent. ISB&M offers PGDM program which are approved by AICTE.

The program is designed to maximize a student’s learning by dividing the course into two categories-

  • Core Courses
  • Elective Courses


A student is required to complete 130 credits courses to complete PGDM program. The Course curriculum comprises of core courses and elective courses with following credit point’s details:

Courses Credits
Core Courses 64
Elective Courses 60
Summer Internship 3
Dissertation 3
Total no. of Credits 130

Core Courses

Marketing Management I Business Communication
Marketing Management II Financial Management
Operational Finance Decisions & Control Business Law
Human Resource Management I Digitalization of Business
Human Resource Management II Business Reporting & Presentation
Organizational Behavior Business Research Methodology
Operations Management I Business Environment
Operations Management II Business Strategy & Policy
Supply Chain Management Organizational Leadership
Quantitative Techniques I Entrepreneurship
Quantitative Techniques II Business Analytics
Managerial Economics I Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
Managerial Economics II Management Information System

Foundation Course

IT for managers
Financial Accounting
Principle & Practices of Management

Elective Course

For each of the PGDM Programmes, a student has to select courses equivalent to 60 credit points in any of the following combination:

  • Marketing with Finance
  • Finance with Marketing
  • Marketing with Media & Communication
  • Insurance & Risk Management with Marketing/Finance
  • Marketing/ Finance/ IRM / HR with Supply Chain & Operations Management (only for Engineers)
  • Human Resource with Marketing
  • Human Resource with Industrial Relations
  • Marketing with Healthcare Management
  • Marketing with Social Sector Management

The Evaluation of a student depends upon these parameters -

Continuous Evaluation End term Exam
Quizzes, Assignments Live Projects Case Analysis Comprehensive Viva 70% 30%

ISB&M students need to create the right blend between the core course and elective courses.


Marketing Research
Sales and Distribution
Product & Brand Management
Service Marketing
B2B Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Retail Management
Lifestyle Retailing
Marketing of Financial Services
Integrated Marketing Communication
International Marketing
Digital Marketing
Customer Relationship Management
Mall Management
Retail Branding
Rural Marketing
Advance Social Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Marketing Models


Corporate Finance
Financial Markets & Services
Banking Management
Financial Statement Analysis
Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt.
International Finance
Fixed Income Securities
Financial planning & Wealth Management
Derivatives Options & Futures
Financial Modeling
Investment Banking
Corporate Taxation
Behavioral Finance
Strategic Financial Management
Treasury Management
Alternative investment & Hedging
Credit Risk & Rating Management
Development Economics
Project Finance

Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance Management
Risk Management
Financial Markets & Services
Life Insurance Practices
General Insurance Practices
Health Insurance Practices
Security Analysis & portfolio Mgmt
Project Risk management
Financial Risk Management
Business Risk Environment
Information Risk Management
Credit Risk & Rating Management
Development Economics
Commodity Risk Management
Forex Risk Management

Advance SCOM & Systems

Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management
Warehousing & Material Handling
Land, Sea and Air Logistics
Procurement & Vendor Management
Total Quality Management
Pricing & Revenue Management
Theory of Constraints
Enterprise Resource Planning
Logistics & Distribution Management
Project Management
Global Supply Chain Management
Risk Management in Supply Chain
Supply Chain Modeling
Waste Management


Training & Development
Performance Management Systems
Competency Based Recruitment
Executive Compensation
Industrial Relations
Labour Laws-I
Labour Laws-II
Labour Laws-III
Organizational Change & development
Trade Unions & Collective Bargaining
Wages & Salary Administration
Talent Management
Industrial Discipline
Career Planning & Development
HR Analytics
Strategic HRM
Assessment Center & Development Center
Change Management
Developing Work Ethic
Incentives & Productivity
Grievance Mgmt
Global HRM
Negotiation Skills
Assertiveness Training
HR Issues in Mergers & Acquisition
HR Consulting
Advance HR Planning
Diversity Management

Media & Mass Communication

Introduction to Media & Communication
Introduction to Media Planning & Management
Introduction to Graphics and Design
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Journalism
Introduction to Public Relations
Content Development
Introduction to Videography
Form of Narrative
Event Management
Media Laws
Visual Communication
Digital Media
Radio as a Marketing Tool
Development Communication
Media Operations and Management
Account Planning & Ad Agency Management
Marketing Research
Branding & Communication Strategies
Strategic Media Planning and Media Research

Healthcare Management

Health Economics
Hospital Planning & Design
Marketing of Healthcare Services
Health Law, Ethics & Regulations
Managed Care
Healthcare Information Systems
Health Insurance
Healthcare Analytics
Quality Management in Healthcare
Healthcare Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt
Strategic Management in Healthcare

Social Sector Management

Introduction to Social Sector Management
Social Marketing
Financial Management of Social Ventures
Sustainable Development and Social Ventures
Social Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal
Advocacy and Government Relations
Fundraising Management
Diversity and Conflict Resolution
Social Development and Public Policy

The ISB&M Post-Graduate Programme is ideally suited to graduates who are aiming to develop long term high profile corporate career and wish to seek promising opportunities.


Competency driven learning programme at ISB&M blends concept, theories and information with development of cognitive, social, emotional and leadership competencies. Post Graduate Programme at ISB&M is spread over six trimesters that includes classroom learning, action oriented development and clearly focused culture and values.


At ISB&M, multiple teaching methods are used. Lectures, case analysis, group projects, business simulations, management games, live assignments, syndicates etc. form the core of the learning programme. Students are divided into groups of 10- 12 for syndicates and 5-6 for group projects in each course. The programme structure is developed in such a manner that it strikes a perfect balance between conceptual and practical skills. It fosters the development of the following competencies essential for today's competitive environment.

  • Professionalism
  • Business analytical skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Pro-activeness
  • Leadership Skills


Summer internship is a requisite part of ISB&M's curriculum which helps the student to gain experience thereby enhancing their knowledge, understanding of management problem, operational issue and functioning of the corporate. The duration of summer internship program is around 8 to 10 weeks.


The dissertation is included in the course to make an in-depth study in order to conceptualize and analyze the different aspects of managerial studies.


ISB&M has introduced a foundation course which ensures that the students have a proficiency level in the fundamental analytical skills which are required for any business manager. It includes IT skills, Mathematics, Accountancy and Communication Skills.


The module aims to inculcate soft skills and competencies like leadership skills, professionalism, team spirit, and problem solving skills, application of concepts, pro-activeness and make students rock solid professionals ready to combat all challenges.


These are small groups where topical and contemporary issues are discussed and analyzed. Concepts and business models are included in each course.


Study groups are the perfect place to find new learning perspective under faculty guidance .By joining a study group, you will have ample opportunity to observe a wide variety of study methods in action. In addition, you can contribute in other study members learning.


The objective of Guided Self Study is to develop student’s skill and competence in thesubject under consideration. It develops conceptual understanding of the subject andstudents are able to articulate thoughts cogently. The student can choose to follow topics/modules of his/her choice (after approval of the faculty). The faculty and the student must agree on well-developed plan to complete the topics/module with certain set of evaluations. This study represents about 20-30 days of full-time work (with time flexibility) for the student with regular supervision sessions to monitor the progress of the study. Guided Self Study is the perfect method to find new learning perspectives


Grading follows the system of 6 quality points. The quality points used on the graduated evaluation scale are:

Grades A+ A B+ B C+ C F
Quality Points 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Range Of Marks above 78 77-72 71-66 65-60 59-54 53-48 <48

Post Graduate Programme portfolio at ISB&M campuses

Every student at ISB&M has different needs and learning style with career plans. Programme portfolio offers you an opportunity to structure your career by mixing to create portfolio for your career needs. We choose to blend out of available specialization to create your own unique career.

Bangalore Pune-Nande Pune-Mulshi Kolkata



Human Resource

Supply Chain & Operations

Insurance & Risk Management

Media and Communication

Social Sector Management

Health Care Management

Inter Campus Exchange Programme

A student who wants to blend different programmes of specialization can choose to attend one trimester at any other ISB&M campus.


ISB&M College of Commerce is a pioneering and leading Colleges under the affiliation of Pune University offering 3 years full time Under-graduate courses in the following disciplines -

  • BBA
  • BBA (Computer Application)
  • BBA + Media
  • BBA(Computer Application+ Media )

The programme is made up of general business, specialist business, and liberal arts subjects. In addition to academic learning, the program emphasizes the development of real-world business skills – giving students the confidence, knowledge, and expertise to excel in a global setting

Available At:

ISB&M Pune (Nande)

ISB&M Pune (Mulshi)

ISB&M Kolkata

ISB&M Bangalore

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