Students Councils


All students activities are conceptualized and coordinated exclusively by the students council. Through their exceptional capabilities and leadership skills, they take up responsibilities and execute them.

President & Vice President

President and Vice President of the student's council are responsible for driving all initiatives (various cells, cultural and student development activities). A well structured selection process, grooming and mentoring from a senior faculty helps these students to imbibe managerial skills by experiential learning methods.


I-CARE is one of the most important cells in ISB&M. It is broadly subdivided into 2 divisions:


Alumni Cell is the cord that binds every alumnus to his or her Alma Mater. Its aim is to maintain the alumni network and handle associated events like the convocation and alumni meet.


This division works upon establishing relationship with different MNCs and leading Indian business houses. Conceptualizing and organizing guest lectures and workshops and other personality development training sessions is one of the key responsibilities of this group.


The Sports Academy offers facilities for several out-door and indoor games like Basket ball, Volley ball, Cricket, Table Tennis etc. Its main aim is to inculcate values of team spirit, hard work, enthusiasm and passion.


The Digital Marketing Cell works on increasing the reach and visibility of ISB&M. The mission and vision is to promote ISB&M globally. We are responsible to bring in engagement on part of the aspirants, thus promoting cultural diversity along with individual enlightenment. We work on social media marketing, blogging, display advertising, remarketing


A team of photo enthusiast, always ready to capture every moment which deserves a 'click'. The cell covers all events in the campus and provides technology support for these events.


"The Debating Society" organizes discussions, public speaking events, board room conferences thus providing a platform to express your views, understand different viewpoints and to structure your thought process in a meaningful way.


The Cultural cell of ISB&M is meant to make the life more fun filled, artistic and interesting. It provides a platform for the students to participate and manage cultural and social events successfully.


TOFI believes in making learning in Finance fun by conducting various Finance related activities and event. Its also aims tighten the bond with industry even stronger by increasing connections with Industry Veterans and Experts.


This is a student driven entity which organizes workshops within the society to enhance and develop social and professional responsibilities through sharing and learning processes. The idea is to nurture seasoned corporate executives with a strong sense of social responsibility


Movie club of ISB&M bring to you, a chance to live the reel each week and connect it to reality. Its object is to bridge the gap between the reel and real by introducing visual learning, wherein we aim to enhance thinking abilities and help each student to develop a clearer perspective of life.


B-School Participation Cell identifies and works on analysis of Mega events viz. Case Study Competitions, Article Writing, B-Quizzes, White Paper Competitions etc. hosted by other B-Schools and would seek talents from our college to participate in them. Major role of this cell would be to groom talented students to participate in prestigious events across the country and to test their mettle against the brightest MBA graduates.


A platform of the Intellectual Development Cell with a motto of fulfilling the intellectual needs of the students. It aims to introduce the students to a number of motivational and influential speakers, where it will help them gain insight into a number of issues and changes in the world. It aim is to ensure that ISB&M is a place where wisdom meets excellence and  to build up the interaction between the top end officials and the students.


A platform for all the students to enhance their knowledge through exercising their Grey Matter. It is an initiative to stay updated with the current happenings and changes in all fields around you. Grey Caps is eager to help students to enhance their knowledge about Corporate world which will give them a critical edge for success. It will also provide students a platform to participate in B-Quiz competitions in prominent B-Schools


The ISB&M Consulting Club is a student led organization which provides invaluable experience of working as a consultant on a challenging management issue which gives them the corporate world. The objective is to familiarize the students with corporate discipline and working environment and sensitize students towards ethical and social issues of business and society interface.


CSR at ISB&M is a student driven initiative that works towards making the world a better place to live in. We leverage our talent, geographical reach and resources to make a positive and long lasting impact on the upliftment and empowerment of the society at large . The aim is to share what we have to bring some light and happiness into the lives of the less priviledged. This includes activities like road safety campaigns, skill development programs, advocacy practices, cleanliness drives, women empowerment campaigns and many more.

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