Internet of Things (IOT) is a network of internet connected smart objects. The smart objects are any physical devices that include a sensor, communication circuits, an embedded processor and internet connectivity [...]

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  • We & They The Need To Excel At Cross-Cultural Communication

    Cross-cultural communication is not only about what needs to be done or not done while working abroad, it is also about work in India. Look at today's scenario where at the office you could have, as your neighbours, people belonging to different states, speaking a number of unfamiliar languages [...]

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  • What is Big Data?

    The term Big data refers to huge amount of unstructured as well as structured data collected from various online and offline sources such as online shopping websites, mobile devices, social networking sites, online share trading websites, market surveys, customer databases, healthcare data, travel blogs and so on [...]

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  • Mobile Payment Without Mobile Internet

    Majority of mobile users make mobile payments through various mobile shopping websites at the time of making mobile purchase. Mobile internet connectivity is required for making mobile payments through such mobile shopping websites[...]

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    A Limited Liability Partnership, popularly known as LLP, combines the advantage of both the company and partnership into a single form of organization and offers a hybrid structure. To facilitate such structure which has been prevalent in other countries for quite some time, The Ministry of Corporate Affairs brought the concept of LLP firms into picture, i.e. an entity which offers more flexibility[...]

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  • Capital Account Convertibility

    Capital Account Convertibility (CAC) means the freedom to convert Rupees to foreign currencies and back for capital transactions i.e. purchase and sale of assets. In other words CAC gives the sanction to convert local financial assets into foreign financial assets at market determined exchange rates and vice versa without the permission of the Central Bank (RBI)[...]

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  • Innovative Thinking Different is Better

    No. Innovative thinking is not about drawing pretty pictures and thinking up excuses for missing class. It is about finding ways to be more effective, it is about looking for alternatives which are better, it is about beating your competition before they even know that there is competition. It is about outthinking your rivals [...]

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    Richard Branson of the Virgin Group certainly made a point when he said, "A lot of those people who are laid off can become the entrepreneurs of the future." But rather than wait to get downsized, superannuated, made redundant and all the other rather euphemistic terms used to tell you that you are no longer wanted, it is definitely wiser for young management students to look to entrepreneurship as the better alternative to make their way in the world[...]

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  • SSL Certificates and Online Purchase

    Recently, there is a huge surge in online purchase and as a consequence, a handful of retail websites have flourished like never before. Global giants such as,, Ebay. In as well as local sites[...]

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